Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mr. Bank Sipper*

H: It was a perfect overcast afternoon on the Delaware when I first saw him across the river. I slowly and quietly moved closer. Not sure how long I admired him from a far before I made my move. 15? 20 minutes? Didn't want to appear too eager or turn him off with any angry salad** so I carefully timed and executed my casts, checking the fly after each drift. The time spent watching him paid dividends as I knew exactly what he wanted and where he wanted it. 3 drifts later, he was mine. :)

Wish we had a photo together Mr. Bank Sipper but your handsome mug will do. Hope we meet again!

West Branch of the Delaware bank sipper

*bank sippernoun: smart, wary, and exceedingly picky surface eater; resides within inches of a river bank. requires stealth, patience, and precision to catch. Often referred to as a S.O.B. (acronym for son of a bitch ;). 

**angry saladcolloquialism, noun: the annoying, ubiquitous clumps of algae found in the waters of the West Branch; first heard used by my friend Mike Mc.

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  1. Great to see you breathing some life into this blog. I've been bummed out with the border closed. Recent years have included a couple of trips to the Gaspe each year. Again glad to see some activity here.