Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Scenes from the Delaware, June 2020

H: The big D. She's never boring. Even when I'm not actively fishing, there’s always so much to see and entertain. Behind the scenes on the Delaware. A few pics and videos from the past month. My first time uploading video so bear with me re: any quality issues.

Up close and personal with newly hatched dragonflies. 😎

Close up of a newly hatched dragonfly

Deer crossing at home pool.

Found the motherlode of caddis fly casings.

Struck the caddis fly casing motherlode

I have almost as much fun observing the mayflies as I do fishing.

A March Brown takes a stroll on the NRX. The first big bug of the season besides the golden stones.

Green drakes are the fairest of them all. 😍

Green drakes on the Delaware

One evening at home pool, I was just too distracted to fish. Toads were getting frisky. Males were singing their hearts out. They were swimming and splashing all around me and there was toad spawn everywhere!

Toad and toad spawn

Toad spawn at home pool.

The views never get old (East, West, Main). 

East Branch of the Delaware

Evening on the West Branch of the Delaware before the fog rolled in.

Main stem of the Delaware

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