Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rainbow's End

H: Home pool is home to some of the biggest and prettiest rainbows in the Upper Delaware river (honestly, I'm not at all biased :). These past two months I've been very fortunate to catch some real beauties.

Usually I can catch them on dries through the end of October. But this fall, the releases from the Cannonsville reservoir have been so erratic that the dry fly fishing has been hit or miss, mostly miss over the weekends. I've seen the river jump from a bare bones 500 cfs to 2300 cfs in a matter of days. It's been a crazy yo-yo rollercoaster ride for these poor trout and all the other creatures that call the Upper Delaware home.

So I've gotten into the habit of taking my trout spey rod down to the river, along with my dry fly rod, to swing streamers. It's turned out to be a successful tactic. I can cover large amounts of water (my home water is pretty big) and when the releases are especially large, I've been using sinking polyleaders and big flies. Plus, it's gotten me ready for steelhead fishing.

Here are some rainbow highlights from the last couple of months.

Caught my biggest rainbow trout to date on the Delaware. She barely fit in the net!
Caught my biggest rainbow to date on the Delaware. She didn't fit in the net. Of course my phone battery dies after a quick photo LOL.

Another rainbow trout that just fit in the net.
A gorgeous rainbow that just fits in the net. Photo: M. Chapple

The beauty of these Delaware rainbow trout just blows me away. Another stunner!
A real stunner. The beauty and power of these Delaware rainbows never fails to blow me away. Photo: M. Chapple

A gorgeous double rainbow on the Delaware river
A double rainbow afternoon on the Delaware. Just being on the river to see this would have made my day.

Another beautiful rosy cheeked rainbow trout from home pool on the Delaware
Another rosy cheeked beauty from home pool.

Releasing a beautiful rainbow trout on the Delaware. See you later Ms. rainbow!
See ya later Ms. Rainbow!

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  1. What are the benefits of a sinking poly-leader? Never heard of a sinking leader. I used to use a braided leader to turn over heavy flies in a tight spot and provide a litle give on white bass.