Thursday, June 9, 2016

Delaware Bug Shots

H: Bugs, bugs, beautiful bugs! This year, the hatches were super early on the D. Have you seen any of these guys on your river?

Some of the usual suspects from the past few weeks:

Isonychia, Slate Drake dun
One of my favorites, the Isonychia aka Slate Drake. Unfortunately this one was destined to be fish food due to its malformed wings.
Grey Fox mayfly: the smaller, paler sibling of the March Brown. Stenonema fuscum
Grey Fox: smaller, paler sibling of the March Brown. Stenonema fuscum.

Witnessed my first dragonfly emergence!

A dragonfly unfurling its wings.
Ready for first flight.
Close-up. Transparent stained glass wings.
The majestic and unmistakable March Brown. Maccaffertium vicarium.
A trout favorite: the Hendrickson spinner. Ephemerella subvaria.
Ms. Hendrickson. Ephemerella subvaria.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Missing a few bugs: green drakes, sulphurs, bwos...

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