Friday, June 10, 2016

Return to Gaspé

H: June 10, 2016: Well, I return to the Gaspésie in 2 days. For the past couple of weeks, it's been all I can think about—big, beautiful, bright, fresh from the ocean, salmo salar :).

Last year's trip inspired me to start tying flies. 2 weekends before the trip, I tied perhaps 12? flies: a few picasse, magogs, and black bear green butts. They certainly weren't pretty but most of them did take a swim in the Dartmouth, York, St. Jean, and Bonnie.

This year, I'm taking 3 boxes of flies and upon closer inspection, it looks like I tied about 40 percent of them (bombers not included). Note: the pretty ones below were purchased or given to me by friends ;).

Wet flies for atlantic salmon: Same thing murray, john olin, magog smelt, picasse, black bear green butt, blue charm, green spey, green highlander, pompier, silver rat, out of lunch
My salmon wet fly box.
Bomber box by Adelcio Chaves: bombers for atlantic salmon, green machine, stone fly, smurf
Bomber and bug box. Gorgeous handmade leather box by Adelcio Chavez.

I had such an incredible trip last year, it's hard to imagine this year could possibly top it. I'm prepared for a let down, a sophomore slump. I just hope my fishing partner, Jessie, lands her dream salmon this trip so I can tail it and take a sweet photo for her :). That would make this year even better!

Sunday's forecast calls for 1.5 inches of rain. Yikes! Wish us luck!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Delaware Mug Shots

H: Bugs, bugs, beautiful bugs! This year, the hatches were super early on the D. Have you seen any of these guys on your river?

Some of the usual suspects from the past few weeks:

Isonychia, Slate Drake dun
One of my favorites, the Isonychia aka Slate Drake. Unfortunately this one was destined to be fish food due to its malformed wings.
Grey Fox mayfly: the smaller, paler sibling of the March Brown. Stenonema fuscum
Grey Fox: smaller, paler sibling of the March Brown. Stenonema fuscum.

Witnessed my first dragonfly emergence!

A dragonfly unfurling its wings.
Ready for first flight.
Close-up. Transparent stained glass wings.
The majestic and unmistakable March Brown. Maccaffertium vicarium.
A trout favorite: the Hendrickson spinner. Ephemerella subvaria.
Ms. Hendrickson. Ephemerella subvaria.