Saturday, January 2, 2016

Project Healing Waters, Salmon River, NY

H: Back in November, I had the privilege of taking part in the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing event on the Salmon River. It was purely coincidence that I was up that weekend to fish and ran into Lindsay and Dave Agness at the Tailwater. Lindsay asked if I'd like to help guide female Navy veteran, Billie Carey. I've been wanting to get involved with PHWFF for some time so I jumped at the chance.

Over two days, Billie landed some beautiful steelhead. 7? Lost track! I do know that the three of us had way too much fun together! Lots of high fives, group hugs, and laughter. Thanks to all who participated and were involved in organizing this event, especially Fran Verdoliva from the Salmon River Hatchery.

Here are some pictures from the event courtesy of  Robert Gilka and Jim Green.

Me, Billie, and Lindsay after a fantastic first day of fishing. Photo courtesy of Robert Gilka.
First fish on! Photo courtesy of Robert Gilka
Some fresh chrome landed the first day. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Agness
Bringing another fish to net. Photo courtesy of Robert Gilka
Another gorgeous fish! Photo courtesy of Robert Gilka
Day two: Billie swinging flies with a switch rod. Photo courtesy of Robert Gilka
More beautiful steelhead landed. Photo courtesy of Jim Green
Plenty of group hugs. Photo courtesy of Jim Green
PHWFF Salmon River 2015 group picture. Photo courtesy of Jim Green

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