Thursday, October 8, 2015

34 for 25

H: October 7, 2015: I never did get around to posting the first part below. Better late than never.


H: September 24, 2015: Can't believe I'm headed back to Gaspé for my second atlantic salmon trip! My first trip was only 3 months ago. Guess I'm hooked. What else is new ;).

Not expecting to catch any salmon this time around. Apparently it's been crazy slow these past couple of weeks. There just hasn't been any rain up there (not to mention the curse of the Spey Nation reel hanging over me).

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I'll get to try dry fly fishing for these amazing fish. It would be cool just to see one come up and look at my fly! My fly boxes are full—unfortunately with mostly big early season flies. But I do have some bombers and bugs which I have yet to fish, and I finally get to use Adelcio's beautiful handcrafted leather fly box!

Bomber fly box handmade by Adelcio Chavez
My gorgeous bomber fly box handmade by Adelcio Chavez.


Well, I had a great trip despite forgetting my passport, driving an extra 8 hours, and losing a day of fishing. I stayed at a charming camp on the Petite Cascapedia and fished the Bonaventure for 2 and a half days. 34 hours of driving for about 25 hours of fishing. Crazy, huh?

Camp Melancon on the Petite Cascapedia
Camp on the Petite Cascapedia.
It was a whirlwind adventure: Drove 13 hours straight each way (a new record); Took the Subaru seriously off-road to explore places I never thought I'd be able to get to (some I probably shouldn't have gone to ;). Met some great fellow anglers, mostly locals, who like me, wanted one more shot at these magnificent fish before the season closed.

Alain Laprade walking down to Grand Black on the Bonaventure River
Heading down to Grand Black, Bonaventure River.
Grand Black, Bonaventure River
Grand Black, Bonaventure River.
J-P Tessier and the Hooké guys at work, Deuxieme Est, Bonaventure River
Just another day at the office for J-P and the Hooké guys. Deuxieme Est, Bonaventure River.
Despite not catching a salmon, I have no regrets. I had one take a dry fly, one take a stripped fly, and I moved a couple with a bomber on my last day. I got to tail my first salmon, Alain's 14 pounder. I fished so many beautiful spots, saw so many beautiful salmon, and witnessed their impressive acrobatics, that I was in awe.

Salmon Hole, Bonaventure River.
Alain's lovely salmon, wearing her wedding colors as Alain would say. Bonaventure River.
Thanks to Alain for a great day of fishing. Thanks to Claude for kindly sharing river intel (I wasn't able to get to Horse Landing from the top of Sector C but it was an adventure trying :). And thanks to all the kind anglers and new friends I met on the river.

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