Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Closing Time on the Delaware

H: August 19, 2015: Joined some friends on the West Branch this past weekend for the last 2 hours of fishing. Fishing was slow but the scenery wasn't too shabby, or the company ;).

Fishing the West Branch of Delaware River at sunset in the mist/fog
Jessie, Chad, and Edith fishing the West Branch of the Delaware.


H: August 18, 2015: A few weeks ago, I fished a spot on the East Branch for the first time and caught a couple of nice browns. The one below took me about an hour to catch in a very slow tailout with numerous tricky microcurrents, multiple hatches going on and very little room for a back cast. Not the best pic but I did manage to capture what they were eating in the shot, too!

East Branch brown trout and blue wing olive, Delaware river
East Branch Brown with bwo.