Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ready for Gaspé

May 31, 2015: On a different note, it's hard to believe it's now just 1 week till my first atlantic salmon trip!

Wishful thinking began over 2 years ago. Actual planning started 7 months ago when I put in for the November draw on several rivers of the Gaspésie. 

I had tried planning a trip with some Julianas, but no one was willing to commit to a trip that far in advance. Then I met Jessie on the West Branch of the Delaware river. She had just returned from her first salmon trip up there. Before I knew it, we were making plans to go there the following summer...

Gaspé plat du jour: (left to right) picasse, magog smelt, undertaker, roger's fancy, black bear green butt... just a few of the flies needed for Gaspé.

I've only just started tying flies so I'm not particularly confident about how well these guys will swim. A few are missing eyes, throats, collars (creative license ;). I will definitely be picking up backups on route. But it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience tying them with friends.

A huge thanks to Jessie for tying with me, letting me learn as I watched her tie and tied alongside her. (most of the flies above are hers—the good looking ones :)

Getting super excited... Not sure what to expect... Trying not to expect anything... 

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