Friday, March 23, 2012

Last Minute Curveball

H: March 23, 2012: Life's a funny thing. One minute you're leisurely walking down the street, thinking what an absolutely beautiful spring day it is... going over all the last minute details before your first bonefish trip... Then, wham! A car comes around the corner and hits you as you're crossing the street. It's a quiet residential street, 3 blocks from my home. I'm almost across...

An SUV weighs what? A few 1,000 pounds? Then, there's me, 110 pounds. I guess I'm pretty lucky. It really did happen in slow motion—although it must have been a split second. I turn my head to see the car coming around the corner... surely they must see me?... they're not slowing down... Sh!t!!! I remember putting my arm out, as if I could somehow stop the force and mass of the car. I go flying backwards and the rest is a bit of a blur... I land on my backside then my head snaps back, thwack! against the pavement.

She said she didn't see me because the sun was in her eyes. I had to bite my tongue from yelling, "if you couldn't see, you should have freakin slowed down!" Disbelief, shock, anger finally gave way to relief that I was able to stand and walk. And besides feeling like I'd been run over by a truck (or rather SUV), I was in 1 piece. 4 hours at the ER and 1 CT scan later I find out I have a concussion but no bleeding or fracture. I might experience bad headaches, sensitivity to light, confusion, dizzyness. Great! I'm leaving for Andros in 2 days. Should I go?

I am struck (literally) by the sheer randomness of life. IF I had walked a different route... IF I had walked a bit slower or a bit faster... IF, IF... Would it have made a difference? Do you believe in fate, bad karma? I'm not a religious person but is this a none too subtle nudge from above, reminding me of the ephemeral nature of life? Okay, I'll stop waxing metaphysical and start packing for my trip. It's my left side that's bruised and scraped. My hauling might suffer from a sprained wrist...but my casting arm is intact. Am I crazy???

Life is too short not to be fishing—or doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

Wish me luck(?)... good karma(?)... may the god(s) smile down on me and show a bit of mercy next week!


  1. My Curveball came from a snowblower..cheers to getting back on the water.

  2. Thanks, Raised on the Fly. I'm having a pretty amazing time in Andros. I caught my first bone on Sunday, a feisty 4-pounder. I will write something up as soon as I have time. Too busy fishing! Hope you are back out there fishing, too.