Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Bone

Flygirl Hyun Kounne with her first bonefish, Andros Bahamas
You'll never forget your first...bonefish.
H: March 25, 2012: A lovely 4-pounder landed towards the end of a tough first day of bonefishing on Andros, Bahamas. Caught on a pink puff. Big thanks to Andrew Moy of Tight Lines Fly Fishing (my very supportive fishing partner for the day) and Patterson (our guide).

Full trip report to come. First, I need to recover from 6 straight days of fishing the flats, 12 grueling hours traveling home, and... oh yeah, a car accident.


  1. ... and so the addiction begins !

  2. : ) You know it! I'm in need of some fly fishing intervention. Help! Where's the nearest rehab center?