Monday, November 7, 2011

Not Another Fly Fishing Blog!

Craig Buckbee, aka easterncaster, FFF master casting instructor
eastern caster: craig buckbee
H: There's a new blogger in town, our good friend and fly fishing instructor, Craig Buckbee. It's rather ironic because just the other day, he mentioned a post he read on the average angler (a blog written by a local NJ/NY fishing guide) about the overproliferation of fishing blogs. I decided to check it out for myself: Fly fishing blogs have "jumped the shark".

Yes, there's a sh*tload of fishing blogs out there of varying quality. As I write this post, 20 new fly fishing blogs have probably been created somewhere in the blogosphere ;) Blogs in general are now as ubiquitous as the local Starbucks. I recall recently reading an online stat estimating over a hundred million blogs in existence--and that's a conservative estimate. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if my 9-year-old niece, Ally, follows in her aunt's footsteps and starts a blog in the near future (with her parent's supervision and support, of course). And I hope she does, because that would mean she has discovered a passion for something and wants to share it with others.

Too many blogs? Too much content? Lord knows, no one has the time to read or discover even a fraction of the multitude of fishing blogs out there. I know, I certainly don't. There's a lot of garbage to rifle through but it's worth it to find the gems and one woman's garbage is another's treasure. I find that the blogs I return to and read regularly have a clear voice that somehow resonates with me (whether funny, knowledgeable, genuine, inspiring, or just quirky and original). As the average angler notes, blogs take a lot of time and work to keep up. Hence many of these blogs will eventually fall by the wayside. The ones that survive will do so because of the passion and dedication of the blogger and the quality of the content they publish.

So, where was I? Yes, back to Craig's new blog. As previously mentioned in our post: The Beauty of the Switch Rod, Craig is a certifiable casting geek (FFF certified, that is ;). But he's far from a computer geek--still getting his bearings on Blogger. His site, easterncaster, is a work-in-progress and was originally intended as a simple online business card. But who knows where it will lead. Blogs can take on a life of their own. While still in its infancy (2 posts :), we have high hopes for it, wish him lots of luck, and look forward to reading—yes, another fly fishing blog!

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