Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Story Lake, MT

J: July 20, 2011: Since most rivers in this part of the hood are at the moment out of commission, our guide, Eric Adams decided to take us to a private lake, family owned for generations ~ Story Lake~. It is tucked in a mountain in Paradise Valley. Tiny little lake on a huge ranch! The ride from the main road to the lake took us about 30 min. on a gravel path. The view on the way up there was spectacular, we could see so many mountain ranges with snow still draped over them-- rather unusual for this time of the year --.

Once there we put the boat on the water. The floor of the lake was at times covered with grass which made the lake look an incredible emerald green. The wind was hurricane strength that morning so casting became extremely difficult. The water was crystal clear so that we could spot the trouts and go after them methodically, one after the other! We caught quite a few rather big fish. Hyun and I did not know that Montana had prickly pear cactuses... Now we DO! Do not recommend wearing flip-flops to go to the ladies room located in the bushes!!

There is this little house over looking a part of the lake... Would not mind putting my pillows and my blankets there for the summer!

A little piece of heaven!

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  1. H: The building is "condemned" but that's okay--as long as I have a mosquito net. Watch out for the prickly pear! A beautiful piece of land with an spectacular view of Emigrant peak. It was amazing to watch a huge trout rise in slow motion to take my flying ant fly. I waited, and waited, until its mouth closed upon the fly before setting the hook. It felt like an eternity.