Friday, June 17, 2011

Where's the Fish?

H: Several friends have asked us, where's the fish? They want to see pictures of the fish we've caught. All I can say is that the 2 flygirls are so busy catching fish, left and right, that we don't have the time...just kidding!

I am usually fishing a good distance from Josée (I believe in personal fishing space : ) And when one of us catches a fish, we try to stress it as little as possible--quickly putting him/her back in the water. Hence, few fish pictures.

Regretfully, there have been moments when I've caught some milestone fish--my first fish on a dry fly (a beautiful 19-inch brown), my first trout over 22 inches...etc...where Josée or a camera were nowhere in sight.

We will try and make more of an effort to capture these moments in the future. In the meantime, here's a great picture of Josée with a gorgeous, wild, Montana brown from last summer. (Josée is feeling shy--which is why her head is cropped off in the picture). Enjoy!


  1. Hyun and Josee, I was on the river with Antoine today. He was hoping I'd get to meet you. Maybe another day. He is such a patient man. I really need to work on my casting. He was merciful.


  2. Hi Jen, Antoine tells me you are new to fly fishing. Well, you are certainly in excellent hands learning from him.

    Also our women's club, the Juliana's Anglers has a trip to the Farmington this fall. You can get more information on their website (there's a link on the left hand sidebar). Hope to see you on the water!

  3. Will check out the website, thank you!!