Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Sunday on the Housatonic River...

J: Early (6:45) Sunday morning I met Hyun at our usual point de rencontre, half asleep, I'm afraid! We were on our way to the Housatonic River to meet the Juliana's Anglers. When we arrived at our meeting place, the girlies were nowhere to be seen so we crossed the street for a quick breakfast. I forgot the name of the place but I can say with certitude that their coffee was by far the worst coffee I have ever drank in my life!

When the sleeping beauties finally showed up we were introduced to Harold, owner of Housatonic River Outfitters. We then drove--guided by Harold--to a spot down below the TMA. This particular part of the river reminded me of the 405 freeway in Cali. It was very wide like an 8 lane freeway. At that moment I realized that I prefer more intimate rivers. We fished there for 2 or 3 hours. I frankly lost track of the time.

The Juliana's Anglers (from left: Julie, Hyun, Beth, Josée, Alex, Kat,
Michelle, and Linda) at the Housatonic River in CT

When everybody's stomach was screaming for food we gathered on the shore for a consensus on where to go eat! Well... everyone but Hyun who unlike moi and everyone else, was still trying to get a fish out of the water! If there was a Juliana's Anglers' Rule Book, my dear friend on this very day broke quite a few!! Like a Ninja, she left the troops to go fish on her own out of everyone's sight, humm! A big no no! she was told endearingly by the more experienced among us! As we left the river--Hyun still dripping from taking a plunge in the ferocious waters--we (the girlies) headed to Kent for a well deserved lunch!

It was sure lovely to see Kat, Alex and Linda again! I was finally introduced to Michele (amazing angler) and 2 new members: Julie and Beth. As the lunch concluded, Hyun and I decided to fish some more. Michele gave us a new place to go explore...the Elms, where the Julianas had fished the evening before. And off we went! It was about 5 o'clock when we got there. We fished for about 1 hour and then thought it would be wise to wait for a bit more action on the river as there was none!

As we walk back to the car I (we) saw a vision... His name was David.  A lawyer from Litchfield, CT. Beautiful, he was! David was getting his fishing gear ready! Needless to say we made friends : )! In a few minutes he had one of many boxes of hand tied flies open for us to admire and gave Hyun and I each one (Spinner something or other). I forgot as I was not paying too much attention to the contents of the box but rather to the man holding it! Aleluia! What piercing blue eyes he had!

Fishing, we went. David nearby, literally emptying the river of its fish with his bamboo rod and antique reel--so said Hyun. But then luck struck Hyun with 3 rainbows and me with 1. I was in heaven.

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