Monday, May 16, 2011

Waiting for the Fall

May 6, 2011
H: Josee, Marcy (our favorite fly mama), Antoine, and I met up on the Farmington river in CT to fish the famed Hendrickson hatch--the first major hatch of the season.  We weren't the only ones. Parking areas by the river were packed with fellow anglers. Unfortunately Josee was feeling under the weather and decided to sit out the day : (

We hit the river by 11am. Shortly after our arrival, duns were hatching on the water and everyone got in on the action. We all caught fish. But nothing close to the 30 fish day Antoine had a couple of days before. Between hatches, Antoine was kind enough to tie his do-it-all Hendrickson dry fly for each of us. We hoped to fish it with tremendous success later that evening during the anticipated spinner fall.

We drove to a new spot to await the spinners. Well, we waited...and waited...and waited. To our delight, we observed dense, dark clouds of spinners above the tree line. It looked so promising. They came lower and lower. A few drops of rain fell. Then the sun came out. The spinners ascended once more continuing their dance without purpose. The females had long gone. We waited till dusk. Nothing. Today was truly a lesson in patience and acceptance of the unpredictability of nature.

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