Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh la la! Where is ze sun?

J: Will this rain STOP already!!! Bloody Hell! Hyun and I are suppose to go fishing this coming weekend -- We got ourselves a cool cabin at the West Branch Angler Resort... Woo Hoo! Fancy! But men! It is just so annoying. Anyway, if this monsoon season does not come to an end we gonna have to get a new hobby like... white water rafting or something! For the Love of God, how are we gonna fish in torrential rain and a very angry river?? The cfs should be around 700, right? Well, the portion of West Branch that we want to fish will be at 4000 cfs if this situation continues. What's a woman to do?? I'm asking? : ) And, not to mention that I will have a seriously bad hair day with all this humidity!  Men, there better be some really, really hot guys sitting at the bar sipping beers and looking pretty... In a macho way, of course.   
Any thoughts peeps?


  1. H: I think we are going to have to go whitewater rafting this weekend instead. Who has a boat?

  2. Hot men?? gosh i hope i qualified...but there was only one of me...i felt like a king having dinner with you two sweeties...hope i didnt get in between you and all those OTHER hot men!.wish we had better conditions and MORE time